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Chilean Law Ricarte Soto´s third decree:

Until January 31  the Ministry of Health in Chile provided a deadline for citizens to submit their applications on the treatments they deem appropriate to be included in the evaluation of the third decree of the Ricarte Soto´s Law, which will be in force From January 2018. The third decree prepared by the Ministry of Health will contemplate the treatments that will be covered between the periods January 2018 and June 2019. In addition, will be reviewed 14 diseases that are already included.

Applications must be sent to the Ministry of Health’s Office of Parties, Information Offices, Claims and Suggestions (OIRS), or access the online Form available on the Ministry of Health website.

The Ricarte Soto Law is a regulation that finances access to high-cost drugs for rare diseases in Chile.

For more information go to: https://web.minsal.cl/plazo-para-recepcion-de-solicitudes-para-el-tercer-decreto-ley-ricarte-soto/

Online form: https://web.minsal.cl/formulario-en-linea-tercer-decreto-lrs/

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