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WHO Recommendations to Prevent Suicide

Figures from the World Health Organization estimate that the worldwide suicide rate is 800,000 people each year, being the second cause of death among 15-29 year olds. The Suicide Prevention report published by the WHO indicates that 50% of the deaths in men worldwide are due to suicide and in women the percentage represents 71%.

Among the prevention recommendations given by WHO are those that teachers and institutional teams must address: “Identify students with personality disorders and offer them psychological support; Forge close ties with young people by talking to them and trying to understand and help; Relieve mental distress; Be observant and trained in the early recognition of suicidal communication, whether through verbal affirmations and / or behavioral changes; Helping students with less skill; Destigmatizing mental illness and helping to eliminate alcohol and drug abuse; Refer students to treatment for psychiatric disorders and alcohol and drug abuse. ”

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