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About us

We are a non-profit corporation whose mission is to promote the concept of Evidence-Based Policy, disseminating and sharing technical evidence and national and international scientific cooperation in the context of the discussion of public policy. We promote the importance of evaluate the effects and have scientific and technical evidence in legislative discussions and in the public policy definitions, creating a specific mechanism of state modernization and generation of welfare. Under this premise, Fundación Politopedia does not represent partisan, ideological or market policies.

Our Vision

Contribute in create a modern, efficient, capable of build public policies Chile, based on the best practices and technical evidence compared available . Complying with the highest international standards of regulatory impact assessment.

Our Inspiration

It is on the implementation of the British approach “Evidence-Based Policies”.

The concept was introduced in 1999 in the UK by the Prime Minister Tony Blair, with the aim of implemented a vision of “enlightened” for the development and implementation of good public policy as part of the agenda reform and modernization of the State. Blair’s vision pointed to move away from the ideological positions and focus on the development of rational progressive policies, which comply with the objective of improving the formulation of policies and approaches.

Using evidence side with systematic processes and empirical data. These lead to countries socio-economic development and poverty reduction.

Our Mission

Promoting evidence-based policy and build spaces of technical discussion in public policy.

To achieve our mission we have the following tols:

  1. Politopedia Evidence Portal
  2. Thematic Discussion Tables
  3. Comparative Politics Studies
  4. Systematic Review


President-Executive Director: Victoria Beaumont

Secretary: Valentina Oliveros

Treasurer: Bernardo Luque

About Politopedia Portal

Politopedia Portal is a repository and collaborative platform where technical and scientific evidence comes together previously reviewed by international standards and it is available for the decision-makers, media and general public discussion.

Cochrane systematic review elements:

Set of clearly defined objectives, with eligibility criteria of previous defined studies.

Explicit and reproducible methodology.

Systematic search which identify all the studies that can fulfil the eligibility criteria.

Assessment of the result validity of the studies included, for instead by assessing the bias risk.

Systematic presentation and a synthesis of the characteristics and result of the studies included.

Inclusion criteria research

Accuracy: The evidence, does it describe correctly what it is the purports to study?

Objectivity: The approach quality taken to generate evidence and objectivity of the source, as well as the extent of answering regarding evidence.

Credibility: Relates to the reliability of the evidence. Therefore the fact if you can rely on it for monitoring, evaluation and impact assessment.

General Applicability: Is there extensive information or just selective cases or pilots?

Relevance: If the evidence is opportune on the subject and it has implications for policy.

Availability:The existence of verifiable evidence.

Origin:T he evidence, is it based in reality?

Applicability in Practice: If politicians have access to evidence in a useful format and if the policy implications from research are feasible and economically possible