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Drugs Law II: the bill has more than 100 modifications

The Drugs Law II currently seen in the Senate, yesterday closed its period of indications which total was more than 100. The objectives of the legal body are four:

  1. Adjust legislation to promote the availability and market penetration of generic bioequivalent medicine. For this its incorporated the requirement that the prescriptions by the professionals should qualified for that purpose expressly include the name of the medical product that possess this quality.
  2. Prohibit vertical integration between laboratories and pharmacies.
  3. Require a public service concession for the installation and operation of pharmacies or pharmaceutical stores.
  4. Modify the scope of the sanitary summary.

The comparative report elaborated by Politopedia Foundation provides a summary of what has been this legislative debate and serves those who are interested in the pharmaceutical and public policy issues in general conclusion.

The text is extensive, we recommend you to check with special attention the modifications of article number 101, where the changes to the medical prescriptions are discussed. The amendments to article number 102 about regulation for food with therapeutic properties, article number 111 regulations of medical devices, article number 128 about medicine labeling and articles number 129 and 129G about price transparency and discount policy between laboratories and distributors.

Check comparative report of Drugs Law II




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