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Evidence and Resource of Vaccine Protection Papilloma in Chile


epi-poli-1Chile is experiencing an unprecedented situation regarding human papilloma virus vaccine, after Maule´s Court of Appeals granted an order not to innovate in a protection action brought by a group of parents. This means that if the process is maintained, vaccination cannot continue in that region.

While protection resources are not spaces where the cases can be discussed in detail, the Chilean Ministry of Health must face the arguments concerning the serious consequences that the vaccine produces per the complainants, within this the best and last evidence available. There is a considerable number of investigations into the efficiency and potential effects of vaccines, as well as several systematic reviews of the subject.

Reports published in 2014 conclude that vaccines are effective in preventing the spread of human papillomavirus in short-term and the most frequent effects would be pain and swelling in the inoculation zone and in other groups of patients there will be fatigue, fever, and gastrointestinal harms.


We share two systematic review from year 2014 on HPV and a preliminary search of our strategic alliance with Epistemonikos Foundation.

HPV catch-up vaccination of young women: a systematic review and meta-analysis. BMC Public Health 2014

The Efficacy and Duration of Vaccine Protection Against Human Papillomavirus. Deutsches Ärzteblatt International. 2014


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