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Evidence-Based Public Policies – It is possible and desirable in Chile

We will make a radical government, for us what counts is what works. A government with a clear commitment not to be guided by dogmas but an open approach to understand what works and why.
This is the center of the agenda for modernization. Using information and knowledge to make much more effective public policies.

This declaration represent the spirit with the labour party presented its program to the government in the election of the late nineties. Spirit that has remained over time and soon to be twenty years. The stability over time of this vision of government can feed the technicians and researchers cravings working in the state and that they are often limited their work by the interests and incentives proper of the political world.

Make it clear that the promotion of evidence-based policy is not synonymous with promoting a purely technocratic vision of the state, but rather to the focus of initiatives, proposals that have proved to be the most efficient in obtaining the results of welfare for the population.

It is a desirable and not without challenges way, such as: what evidence to consider and what not, how that distinction do, how to control interest conflict of researchers or its potential political capture, how to build a transparent decision making process, and in public policy issue how consider qualitative research.

Is Chile prepared to start this way and generate solid structures with financing that hold them?
Fundación Politopedia see that our country has an opportunity in considering this way; first by the discredit that nowadays live the political institutions, and second because Evidence-Based Policy has followers in promoting interest in research and advancement in the “modernization of the state” that began in the 90s and still has important pending initiatives.

Our desire is to transform the evidence-based policy in a cross political will that permeate different social and political levels. A long way but we see potent.